The smartest, most power-efficient tracking system for the Internet of Things  

Harness low power geolocation for efficient tracking with Abeeway

Flexible, high performance, power-efficient, and low cost – this is our state-of-the-art IoT multi-technology geolocation solution optimized for LoRaWAN™. With its patented Low-Power GPS algorithm and and advanced edge processing and location-solving algorithms, the Abeeway platform and trackers bring you geolocation intelligence fit for most use cases, at an unprecedented performance/cost ratio. Our quality of service, superior battery life, extensive flexibility of configuration of GNSS/WiFi/BLE geolocation, sniffing modes and triggers bring integrators with the reliability and versatility they need for most custom use cases. 

Great solutions are built from the best elements.
Here's what makes up Abeeway's Low Power Location Technology.


Smart, high quality devices with the highest autonomy on the market

Abeeway devices combine cutting-edge location technologies, robust hardware, meticulous selection of highest performing low-power chipsets and the no-compromise optimization of our software. This allows flexible behavior, highly responsive to changing needs, and guaranteeing asset and people location in various coverage scenarios through:

Long battery lifetime

With a low peak current of 50mA, the batteries can work at maximum capacity and allow continuous use of our rechargeable devices for months and years.

High sensitivity and accuracy

Our high-quality hardware houses multiple embedded geolocation technologies such as GPS, Low Power GPS, Wifi Sniffing, and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Ideal for industry use cases

Abeeway trackers are small, light, and highly resistant to harsh environments (ATEX certified​).

Smart multimode configuration

Our devices can actively change tracking modes and optimize performance by tuning each operation mode, location intervals, motion triggers, local geofencing, rotation, and more.

Sensor-based positioning trigger

Abeeway’s SOS/panic button-equipped geofencing devices prompts location in specific use cases (e.g. motion, temperature, vibration, and pressure) using built-in sensors.


Flexible, high-precision tracking through geolocation adaptability

Abeeway’s optimized multiple geolocation technology system enables high energy efficiency and precise positioning in indoor and outdoor settings. The tracker’s firmware selects the best location technology and automatically adjusts itself to its surroundings, prolonging device battery life. Our trackers achieve optimal power-accuracy trade-off through the following geolocation technologies:

GPS (Global Positioning System)

Ideal for outdoor environments, GPS has conventional and accurate position calculation using its chipset with 10-meter precision, but requires more processing time, consuming more energy.

WiFi Sniffing

For dense urban areas and indoor locations, where GPS and Low-Power GPS are insufficient, WiFi Sniffing is the answer. Using WiFi access points (SSIDs), it has low-power positioning and high accuracy at an average of 20-50 meters.

BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy

BLE ensures easy interoperability with other devices at short range with minimal power consumption. It is best for short-distance indoor positioning, using devices such as BLE beacons or a mobile phone. Moreover, real-time locating system (RTLS) identifies and tracks the location of objects or people in real time within a building or other contained areas.


Also known as “native” geolocation with LoRa, it uses triangulation to get the Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) on the received LoRa signal and position calculation. It is the most power-efficient outdoor and indoor geolocation mechanism, perfectly mastered by Actility.


The LoRaWAN® Protocol

LoRaWAN® is a global standard that offers long-range (up to 15km) bi-directional communications featuring very low power consumption extending device battery life up to 10 years. It uses unlicensed ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) radio bands for cost-efficient network deployments. Through this, a single gateway or base station can cover entire cities or hundreds of square kilometers as LoRa® and its MAC layer, LoRaWAN®, have a greater link budget than any other standardized communication technology. Learn more about LoRaWAN from the world’s leader Actility

LoRaWAN works everywhere, unlike the limited cellular connectivity in remote areas

Unique deep indoor penetration of LoRa radios, where cellular connectivity is spotty

LoRaWAN increases the device’s battery life by at least 10 times compared to cellular networks that have high bandwidth consumption

LoRaWAN reduces maintenance and hardware costs thus decreasing the overall TCO of the solutions

Flexibility of network deployment

Between choosing either their own private LoRaWAN networks or existing public ones, industries can enjoy the network deployment flexibility that LoRaWAN offers. Abeeway solutions work with all LoRaWAN connectivity providers and is fully integrated with Actility’s ThingPark platform, which powers enterprise private networks and most public LoRaWAn networks in the world. Additionally, handover is possible between ThingPark Enterprise-dedicated networks and public networks via ThingPark Exchange – our roaming platform for LoRaWAN service providers.


Secure, convenient data storage and integration

Abeeway and Actility developed a modular Location Engine, ThingPark X, which processes, analyzes, and manages geolocation data and stores these in a highly secure server. It computes and provides the best possible location information through multiple geolocation technologies. Easy-to-integrate APIs also allow easy export and data visualization using third-party business applications and software.

Introducing our software extensions to take your
Abeeway experience to the next level

Abeeway Device Manager (a.k.a. ADM)

Application bundled with our Location Engine that helps assess and configure the value of Abeeway technology and tracking devices according to your needs. 

Abeeway B2C Mobile Application


Mobile application framework that can be white-labelled and customized in order to easily deploy B2C geolocation use cases leveraging Abeeway trackers’ capabilities.

The Life of a Smart Pallet:
Journeying through Seamless Outdoor-Indoor Geolocation

In a warehouse, a tracker needs indoor geolocation technologies using WiFi or BLE. Once the tracker leaves the warehouse and goes outdoors, it switches to GPS or Low-Power GPS-based technologies for position updating via a public LoRaWAN network. In large outdoor rural areas, where precise location is not required, the LoRa TDoA technique appears the most adapted. Meanwhile, an unlicensed, low-cost, low-power private LoRaWAN network can easily transport the location data from any indoor and outdoor location.

Actility’s ThingPark Location platform uniquely addresses geolocation opportunities through merging both carrier- and enterprise-grade IoT connectivity solutions. It also supports both public and private LoRaWAN deployments. Using this together with ThingPark Exchange for LoraWAN roaming, worldwide geolocation will truly be in reach. Find out more about here (link to Actility website)

Try our state-of-the-art indoor-outdoor tracking
using WiFi Fingerprinting

Abeeway, Actility, and HERE Technologies partnered up to deliver accurate tracking that works indoors and outdoors for industry applications like warehouse management, inter-facility goods tracking, supply chain management, and people safety and security. Through WiFi Received Signal Strength (RSS) in the target environment, you can build radio maps using WiFi fingerprinting approach. This takes offline RSS fingerprint of the environment and compares it with an online RSS measurement to estimate user location.

  • Seamless outdoor/indoor
  • HD Precision <5m (indoor & outdoor) with wifi sniffing and fingerprinting
  • No dedicated infrastructure required
  • Low power devices
  • Selects best location technology based on context
  • Pre-integrated with business apps like SAP
  • Compatible with custom apps, through geofencing, routing, navigation, fleet telematics & automotive APIs

Find assets before you lose
them with Abeeway Track and Trace devices

Achieve reliable, cost-efficient transparency of your assets with our innovative trackers

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Micro Tracker

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Low-Power Location Trial Package 

Ready to take tracking to the next level? Give it a try!

This Proof-of-Concept package allows you to quickly test with technical support the smart tracking capabilities of the Abeeway devices combined with LoRaWAN connectivity from Actility, the LoRaWAN market leader. 

Looking for an IoT connectivity solution?

LoRaWAN™ offers you the flexibility in network deployment models. Industries have the choice to either use their own private LoRaWAN™ networks or to leverage existing public ones. Abeeway solutions works with all connectivity providers and fully runs on Actility’s ThingPark platform which powers private enterprise networks and most of the public LoRaWAN ™ networks in the world.

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