Proximity Detection & Contact Tracing for Covid-19

Enhance workplace safety by enforcing social distancing policies with proximity sensors

People are the most important assets of any organization.

Amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, businesses and industries have to ensure secure social distancing and contact tracing to allow their people to feel more confident about working in co-located physical workplace. The ability to automate monitoring of new safety policies, while empowering employees as part of the new normal in business operations, is critical for any organization. 

Ensure that people are keeping the safe distance between each other and reduce virus interactions

Whether it’s an office, in a factory or a construction site, each employee can be equipped with a compact wearable proximity sensor which enables easy monitoring of interactions within the common areas, also working alongside security badges for access control. When the sensors record that two or more people have exceeded the safety limit, it warns them with an audible or visual alarm. 

Avoid temporary shutdowns of operating factories with enhanced safety measures

The shutdowns are a sign of the difficulty of industrial facilites while complying with enhanced safety measures put in place to deal with the pandemic. Digital sanitary policy enforcement and traceability solutions are an essential tool to help workers follow distancing rules and control their exposure to potential contaminations, therefore preventing organizations from having to shut down plants and facilities. 

Track all the interactions between the infected and healthy people to identiify a contamination cluster

Contact tracing at the level of a local workplace facility, meaning monitoring the potential spread of the coronavirus from person-to-person, is important. The instant traceability provided by connected proximity detection tags ensures that  the potential contamination cluster can be immediately back-traced around the infected employee, and limits the impact to only this cluster. 

Proximity Detection & Contact Tracing Starter Kit

This demo package combines Abeeway low-power multi-technology trackers on a ThingPark-powered LoRaWAN® infrastructure and the WMW application, allowing you to experience by yourself how LoRa® technology can help to enforce proximity policies to keep your employees safe and ensure business continuity. It is available for three LoRaWAN® regional frequencies EU868, US915, and AS923.

Proximity Detection & Contact Tracing Starter Kit

This device is designed by Abeeway, Actility’s subsidiary specialized in low-power geolocation, to help ensure compliance with social stance guidelines while on a job site or at a workplace. It’s a high-end device for Industrial environment: a portable multi-mode tracker in ID card format with embedded sensors combining multiple geolocation technologies, supporting accurate and continious outdoor and indoor geolocation. 

Proximity Detection & Contact Tracing Starter Kit

Proximity Alert & Monitoring

  • People can be protected against infection by 2 level audio feedback: warning and immediate danger
  • Optional centralized monitoring of contact events
  • Contact event logs can help back-trace contamination chains
  • Help button provides additional safety to lone workers in case of accident.

Zoning policy enforcement

  • Factory floor is sub-divided into zones to limit spread of Covid-19
  • Help workers remain within their assigned zones by audio notification
  • Optionally inform management if worker repeatedly violates the zoning policy

Density policy enforcement

  • Audio warning help employees respect maximum density of shared areas (e.g. rest & food areas, meeting rooms)
  • Employee to employee proximity monitoring takes in account distance and time
  • Optional centralized monitoring and violation reporting
  • Optional back-tracing of infection chains

Sanitisation of shared assets

  • Worker presence in front of shared-use asset can be analysed using proximity detection
  • Asset requires only inexpensive Bluetooth beacon
  • Disinfect assets based on usage metrics
  • Ensure traceability of cleaning operations with a list of visited WiFi/BLE SSIDs or another Abeeway device

Nurse-call bedside buttons in hospitals

  • Non-medical facilities get converted to hospitals to manage large influx of Coronavirus patients
  • Patients in these facilities need nurse call-buttons: Tracker has button and can locate bed
  • Trackers can be used to monitor usage and prevent loss of medical equipment (e.g. Respirators)

From devices to screens:
processing positioning information at the edge of the LPWA network to deliver actionable data to business applications

  1. The Abeeway Smart Badge™ detects other Smart Badges in the vicinity using BLE beaconing and scanning, it evaluates peer to peer proximity as well proximity to monitored shared-use assets. Devices send an alert when certain risk levels are exceded (thresholds are configurable). Optionally, devices can be located using GPS, Low-power GPS, WiFi Sniffing or BLE. 
  2. Then the data about those encouters  is transmitted via long range, ultra-low power LoRaWAN® wireless network on private or public infrastructure, providing low cost connectivity & low Total Cost of Ownership. Actility’s ThingPark Platform is used for devices and gateways operations support system (OSS), data transfer and security.
  3. ThingPark platform transforms the date and allows IoT applications to leverage it via integrated API’s and drivers.
  4. The platform is integrated with Business Applications and Clouds (AWS, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, MyDevices, PTC ThingWorx, Sales Force, WMW, etc).  Those business applications provide policy compliance overview, back tracing capabilities and business rule engine. 

Our Proximity Detection Solution
is safe, secure and fully compliant to privacy policies

Anonymity at source

Information provided by badges/trackers can be anonymized at source (tracker DevEUI addresses not associated to tracker ID used by tracker markings), or by back-end

Privacy ensured

Tool cleaning & density control requires only anonymous proximity/location information

Local data

Zoning and proximity warnings can be local only (edge intelligence in tracker) or reported to back-end, as required by corporate policy

Secure connectivity

Connectivity is secured end-to-end using strong cryptography (HSM) even in case of hosted solution. Hosting platform does not need to access payload data

Want to understand the solution in details ? Watch our latest Webinar on Proximity Detection and Contact Tracing for COVID-19!

Presented by Olivier Hersent, CEO at Actility, with Rohit Gupta, Product Manager at Actility and Bert Vanaken, Founder at WMW, this exclusive webinar presents how IoT and LoRa® devices can help fight against COVID-19  through the following points:

  • Mitigation of Covid-19 Economic risks through technology
  • Proximity Policies enforcement
  • How this technology works with a real-life demo!

 For dedicated enterprise IoT LoRaWAN® networks

  • Fully flexible solution supporting multiple deployment requirements (SaaS or On-Premise), multiple ISM bands, multiple gateway vendors (outdoor or indoor) and multiple IoT application platforms (MS Azure, AWS, IBM, etc). 
  • A large ecosystem with a wide set of industrial use cases fitting small to high-density deployment with the most suitable performance & economics based on a progressive pricing model. 
  • Enterprise-grade LoRaWAN® platform with best-in-class user experience and Actility’s market-leading technology. Easy to set up, operate and support. 
  • End to End Secure solution from the device to the Application using LoRaWAN® standard and Actility’s additional security features.  

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