Abeeway awarded as best IoT innovation of 2018

for IoT Solutions empowered by GNSS  !

14 June 2018, See press release ⮕


Abeeway offers a complete low-power geolocation solution for the Internet of Things, based on a  flexible multi-technology location system optimized for low-power LoRaWAN™ communication, using GPS, our breakthrough Low Power GPS (LP-GPS) and WiFi sniffing,

and featuring the highest-performance tracking devices available on the market:

Micro Tracker and Industrial Tracker


Abeeway trackers provide a flexible geolocation solution

to enable the location-based services you need, for industrial and personal use.  Our trackers offer complete visibility of your assets locations and enable optimized use.


  • Quickly geolocate all your valuables anywhere, indoors & outdoors 
  • Generate alerts if movement is detected
  • Receive notifications when the tracker  enters or leaves a specific area
  • Trigger a sound alert from the tracker 
  • Easily switch between different tracking modes 




Our solution ensures a reliable service, providing accurate and responsive location, with the versatility to adapt to a range of environments. LP- GPS offers the most cost- and power- efficient location solution on the market, and LoRaWAN™ connectivity enables the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of the solution.

Battery lifetime of up to 1 year with the Micro Tracker,

and up to 10 years with the Industrial Tracker

Uniquely fast first position fix: with LP-GPS  the first fix takes 10 sec 

versus >1min with regular GPS 


Precise geolocation outdoors & indoors 


Flexible multi-mode tracking ( Permanent tracking / motion tracking / sleep mode etc)



Small size, low weight, high toughness and environmental resilience


Abeeway offers an adaptable, reliable and flexible tracking system, ideally suited to numerous existing and new use cases. Our solution is a key enabler for mass-market IoT sectors such as asset tracking, process optimization or people & animal tracking.



- Enabling and enhancing industrial applications

- Industrial control, monitoring of machinery use and activity on construction and other industrial sites

- Localization and management of tools and materials

- Detection of underutilised machinery and vehicles to avoid unnecessary rental costs

- Theft alert system delivering exact location of assets




- Tracking of deliveries and vehicles
- Production and supply chain optimization
- Manage pallets, supervise external warehouses, detect location and status of containers... 



- Tracking and protection of people with emergency alert button

- Location outdoors and indoors, and securing personal items and professional equipment: suitcases, bags, backpacks, keychains, laptops…

- Tracking in real time of private vehicles: cars, motorcycles, bikes

- Protection of children, with notifications when they reach school or home


Abeeway also offers off-the-shelf solutions to create custom branded ready-to-use tracking services for IoT market partners including Orange in France and Die Mobiliar in Switzerland.  



Die Mobiliar is the Swiss market leader in insurance for personal belongings. Abeeway trackers allowed them to create a new service offer for its clients, FindMe, enabling its customers to track and protect their valuables, creating a new business model for the digital economy. Find out more here.  


"To be successful, we needed an innovative IoT technology partner to develop a LoRaWAN tracking device and a platform to test our business use case. Luckily, with Abeeway we found the perfect partner."  René MEIER, Business Innovations Manager at Die Mobiliar. 



Abeeway has developed a smart multi-Technology geolocation solution optimized for LoRaWAN™ connectivity. The system offers precise and power-efficient geolocation across a range of environments by combining high-precision GPS, with our patented cloud computing technology LP-GPS and ultra-low-energy-consumption WiFi Sniffing. 


LP-GPS reduces energy consumption by up to 10x and provides the fastest "time to first fix" of under 10 sec compared to at least 1 min for regular GPS.  In LP-GPS, location calculation is computed on remote server and not on the device. 


WiFi sniffing is a highly accurate and ultra low power positioning tool, very practical in dense urban areas (1-2 m. precision) and indoors (30m). It detects local Wifi Access Points and compares them to a database, returning the most likely position based on signal strength from each AP. 


LoRaWAN™ (Long Range Wide-Area Network) is a very low power, secure bi-directional network for the Internet of Things. LoRaWAN allows long range connectivity with low power consumption, extending battery life and delivering the lowest TCO


Abeeway offers an integrated software platform to manage, integrate, analyse and visualise sensor data associated with the geolocation information.  The data is stored and processed on a highly secure server. In addition, our web and mobile applications offer an easy-to-integrate API allowing to easy visualisation of the data



  • Monitoring of key parameters (RSSI, SNR, payload length, battery status)
  • Display on map a series of tracked locations between 2 defined timestamps
  • Filtering out of anomalous position data
  • Display type of location technologies being used (GPS, LP-GPS, Wifi)
  • Track up to 10 device locations with history
  • Send configuration downlinks to the device to modify behaviour (motion tracking, permanent tracking, hourly tracking, OFF) and visualise impact on battery


 "To be successful, we needed an innovative IoT technology partner to develop a LoRaWAN tracking device and a platform to test our business use case. Luckily, with Abeeway we found the perfect partner."


René MEIER, Business Innovations Manager at Die MOBILIAR 


 "Thanks to Abeeway's solution, we know where our equipment is, which is key to increasing productivity. We plan on connecting all our equipment to optimize our management." 


Christophe LIENARD, Director of Equipment and Innovation, COLAS