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Abeeway offers a complete low-power geolocation solution for the Internet of Things that surpasses simple GPS, providing simultaneously indoor and outdoor solutions. Through location intelligence, we enable efficient management of your mobile and fixed assets, protecting people and monitoring animals. We give organizations, industries, logistics companies, and the entire supply chain transparency and more effective processes.

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1. Enjoy reliable and flexible tracking, both outdoors & indoors

There are instances when the standard GPS cannot work or is not energy efficient. For example, when an asset is located in a warehouse or even outdoors, moving in a city where Wi-Fi would be more energy efficient and accurate. This makes seamless tracking difficult with a single technology. To address this, we provide a switchable multi-technology location solution enabling full outdoor and indoor service continuity ensuring adaptability to various surroundings.

2. Get the best device autonomy on the market, with minimal OPEX

With Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) being largely dependent on battery life, Abeeway provides the most cost-efficient location solutions in the market with its devices’ extended autonomy. Our low-power technology reduces the amount of charging cycles, dramatically extending rechargeable battery life. This brings you high cost-efficiency, reduced downtime and operations complexity, and increased profit margins and ROI, keeping your OPEX at the lowest level.


3. Unlock new use cases and business models

Abeeway low-power tracking solutions are making it economically viable to explore new use cases and create innovative IoT-based business models. It provides accurate and responsive location, adaptability to a range of environments, and easy third-party software integration. We provide you with the location-based services you need, whether for industrial or personal use.

Go the extra mile with the diversity of industries and use cases we serve – whether it’s industrial or personal.

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Construction & Public works​

Airports, Ports & Harbors

Mines, Oil & Gas​

Warehouses & Indoor Facilities

Livestock & Farming

Cutting-edge and low-cost.
It's not magic, it’s the Abeeway technology.

Surprise! It’s possible. We combined all these in one powerful solution through Abeeway’s innovative technology. Our connected devices bring you the geolocation intelligence that you need using LoRaWAN connectivity.

Secure your assets before they go missing.
Innovative, reliable, cost-efficient. That's Abeeway.

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