Industry use cases


Real-time IoT solution for traceability of vehicles, fleet, non-vehicle and supply chain assets 

Balance industrial flows and improve equipment visibility

Abeeway provides managed solutions for companies whose fleets and other assets move between multiple suppliers, customers, and manufacturers. Through Internet of Things (IoT), our trackers can wirelessly track vehicles, containers, bins, crates – virtually any asset, anywhere. 


Deepen operational and strategic visibility

When delays accumulate, business owners can suffer losses, which can result to disputes with the carrier, insurance claims or contract-related complaints. They can potentially lose customers and cause high costs on internal logistics. Abeeway solutions provide visibility on logistic flows and the ability to manage fleet availability leading to both significant operational and strategic gains:

Ensure a high level of quality of service

Logistics coordinators can oversee real-time truck or train traffic, respond to situations accordingly, and inform clients in the event of an incident.

Increase utilization rate and operational efficiency

Never deal with transport capacity shortage again. Detect delays and hazards, ensure successful deliveries, and predict available transport capacity to better handle supply chain risks. 

Reduce costs and streamline your revenues

Optimize your containers’, railcars’ and trailers’ rotations to achieve optimal fleet sizing. Each step towards full asset utilization means greater ROI.

Why Abeeway?

Wherever you are, you can check your assets’ location status at certain points in time. Abeeway’s fully autonomous, battery-powered, cable-free sensors will keep you up-to-date about your asset’s location and usage. The combination of different geolocation technologies like GPS, WiFi, BLE and LoRaWAN network-based geolocation guarantee energy efficiency. We can also connect our devices to your business software seamlessly. Finally, our web application lets you analyze location & usage data based on your chosen configurations.

Transportation and Logistics Use Cases

> Vehicle Fleet Tracking

Maximize fleet rotations by tracking your trailers, vans, cars or scooters with Abeeway and create a reliable service based on delivery time assurance. Abeeway’s battery-powered tracking devices offer resource geolocation, give motion history of trucks and equipment, and identify their operating status.

Abeeway presents the possibility of precisely knowing delivery vehicle and equipment usage rate and facilitates the analysis of unavailability and retention rates. Fleet tracking solutions improve ROI through reduced inventory loss, improved productivity, enhanced safety, and theft recovery. Better utilization of vehicles can optimize fleet size, saving on maintenance, operating, and replacement costs.

> Cargo and Shipments Tracking 

Reduce inventory and returned asset losses through IoT tracking with AbeewayAlways remain connected to your assets and goods, whether they are in pallets, bins, crates, containers or cradles. We can tailor our tracking solution for trans-modal shipping according to the unique business needs of various vertical industries. 

Real-time tracking, alerting, and reporting combined with near real-time visibility are what makes Abeeway an ideal solution for transportation companies and freight forwarders. Our trackers can always let the operational staff know of delays and incidents on their different convoys. With up-to-date and data-driven information, they can minimize risks and avoid their consequences 

> Fleet Parking Management

Optimize parking management for your trailers, trucks, cars, scooters on outdoor facilities, manufacturing plants during customization process, city or shopping centers. 

Abeeway trackers make life easier for operators of parked vehicle fleets by guiding them to the right vehicle using geolocation. With real-time vision, you can improve your parking policy, save time spent on retrieving the vehicles, enhance agent analysis and response time, and fill your parking spaces.

> Railcar Tracking

Ensure enhanced visibility of railcars at every point of the railway network. Abeeway allows rail operators to keep track of the exact location of railcars, to ensure the right railcar is attached to the right train, and to find lost ones in the classification yards.

Optimize freight logistics and the railcar utilization with live localization and location overview of all operating trains so workers always know exactly where each car is. Get the overall equipment utilization rate, enabling you to analyze railcar fleet health and identify areas for improvement.  

Life of a Smart Pallet:
Check out how a seamless outdoor-indoor geolocation can be implemented on a pallet logistics:

In a warehouse, a tracker needs indoor geolocation technologies using WiFi or BLE. Once the tracker leaves the warehouse and goes outdoors, it switches to GPS or Low-Power GPS-based technologies for position updating via a public LoRaWAN network. In large outdoor rural areas, where precise location is not required, the LoRa TDoA technique appears the most adapted. Meanwhile, an unlicensed, low-cost, low-power private LoRaWAN network can easily transport the location data from any indoor and outdoor location.

Actility’s ThingPark Location platform uniquely addresses geolocation opportunities through merging both carrier- and enterprise-grade IoT connectivity solutions. It also supports both public and private LoRaWAN deployments. Using this together with ThingPark Exchange for LoraWAN roaming, worldwide geolocation will truly be in reach. Find out more about here (link to Actility website)

Find assets before you lose
them with Abeeway Track and Trace devices

Achieve reliable, cost-efficient transparency of your assets with our innovative trackers

Photo of Abeeway Micro Tracker

Micro Tracker

Photo of Abeeway Industrial Tracker

Industrial Tracker

Compact Tracker

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Low-Power Location Trial Package 

Ready to take tracking to the next level? Give it a try!

This Proof-of-Concept package allows you to quickly test with technical support the smart tracking capabilities of the Abeeway devices combined with LoRaWAN connectivity from Actility, the LoRaWAN market leader. 

Looking for an IoT connectivity solution?

LoRaWAN™ offers you the flexibility in network deployment models. Industries have the choice to either use their own private LoRaWAN™ networks or to leverage existing public ones. Abeeway solutions works with all connectivity providers and fully runs on Actility’s ThingPark platform which powers private enterprise networks and most of the public LoRaWAN ™ networks in the world.

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