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Guesswork is overrated. This is why Abeeway brings you innovative tracking and asset management solutions to make sure that you get a well-defined view of where your valuables are and their current status. Staying on top of your assets and valuables allows you to carry out more effective decisions and strategies. It all starts with the right tools – and our trackers are exactly that.

Smart Badge


Sleek, smart, and multi-functional.

The Abeeway Mini Tracker is ideal for worker protection and zone alerts giving you the peace of mind you need for your organization.

Abeeway Smart badge picture
Photo of Abeeway Micro Tracker

Micro Tracker


Light, handy, yet powerful.

The Abeeway Micro Tracker enables you to track and protect things of value, people and even pets, whether for industrial or personal needs.

Compact Tracker (New!)


Solid and lightweight, built for heavy-duty tracking.

Perform seamless asset tracking and management, even in the harshest environments with the Abeeway Compact Tracker.


Photo of Abeeway Industrial Tracker

Industrial Tracker


Large-scale, high precision tracking built for the long haul.

Inventory, heavy-duty assets, livestock… you name it. Abeeway’s Industrial Tracker will give you all the industrial visibility you need.

Geolocation Module


Comprehensive and cutting-edge. Infinity of possibilities

High performance and cost effective

Abeeway Geolocation module board

Level up your asset tracking and management with Abeeway.
Gain more clarity and less headaches.

Choose A GPS LoRa Tracker 

When choosing an Internet of Things GPS tracker, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the main choices that you need to make is what type of tracking technology you want your device to use, and therefore which connectivity.  

One of the most popular frequencies is LoRa, which uses license-free radio frequency bands to make LoRaWAN GPS technology accessible for a wide number of tracking use cases. 

As a result, there’s a quality LoRa tracking device out there for all sorts of industrial uses.  Abeeway is proud to offer a selection of LoRa tracker solutions to our customers. 

What are LoRa and LoRaWAN®?

LoRaWAN® is a Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) networking protocol designed to wirelessly connect battery operated ‘things’ to the Internet, fulfilling target IoT requirements such as bi-directional communication, end-to-end security, mobility and localization services. 

The LoRaWAN® protocol takes advantage of the Long Range characteristics of the LoRa physical layer, and stands out by optimizing LPWAN (low-power wide-area network) for the battery lifetime, capacity, range, and cost, thus making it the ideal communication technology for IoT GPS trackers, allowing to track your assets over a wide area without using a lot of power.

Part of the chirp spread spectrum (CSS) modulation, LoRaWAN GPS devices use forward error correction coding to improve accuracy and ensure that frequency interference doesn’t cause you to lose signal.

Why A LoRa Tracking Device Could Benefit You

 As a low-power network that offers a long range of reach and ultra low power consumption, LoRa tracker technology can ensure that you have the range you need without using a lot of battery.

 That means that you can track your assets, possessions and even your pets across a wide area without requiring a powerful and, therefore, pricey device. 

When using a GPS LoRa tracker, you’ll use less energy and can save on costs and reduce your environmental impact without compromising on the safety and security of your workers and assets.  The asset only needs to communicate its location in order to be tracked, and LoRaWAN GPS tracking is perfect when stacked against the cost of higher bandwidth satellite or cellular connections.

An IoT GPS tracker connected via LoRaWAN is safe as it uses secure frequencies, with a protocol regularly updated according to the LoRa Alliance specifications.

 Our range of LoRaWAN GPS tracking devices can help you track your personal or industrial assets and ensure their safety.

 Use our devices to improve your workers’’s safety,  save you time on your asset tracking and much more. With all these applications at your disposal, you should consider checking out how our multi-technology IoT GPS tracking is benefitting from LoRaWAN. 

Battery-powered LoRaWAN GPS trackers make for the perfect GPS beacon for geolocating equipment, as they have long-range capabilities but don’t require an external power source. 

Abeeway offers a range of autonomous IoT GPS tracker options, perfectly adapted to a dozens of industrial tracking use cases.

 So whether you’re looking for a compact stand-alone tracking device for high-value assets or a light smart badge for worker protection, GPS LoRa tracker technology can benefit you.

 Abeeway is a leading provider of IoT GPS tracking products, and we are passionate about creating the best tracking devices on the market currently, with the longest battery autonomy.

 Our LoRaWAN GPS products give you peace of mind and innovation, saving you time and keeping your assets safe.