Go beyond your limits with Abeeway's secure, powerful trackers

Protect and manage the things that matter most to you,
with a clear vision and the right connectivity.

Guesswork is overrated. This is why Abeeway brings you innovative tracking and asset management solutions to make sure that you get a well-defined view of where your valuables are and their current status. Staying on top of your assets and valuables allows you to carry out more effective decisions and strategies. It all starts with the right tools – and our trackers are exactly that.

Smart Badge


Sleek, smart, and multi-functional.

The Abeeway Mini Tracker is ideal for worker protection and zone alerts giving you the peace of mind you need for your organization.

Abeeway Smart badge picture
Photo of Abeeway Micro Tracker

Micro Tracker


Light, handy, yet powerful.

The Abeeway Micro Tracker enables you to track and protect things of value, people and even pets, whether for industrial or personal needs.

Compact Tracker


Solid and lightweight, built for heavy-duty tracking.

Perform seamless asset tracking and management, even in the harshest environments with the Abeeway Compact Tracker.


Photo of Abeeway Industrial Tracker

Industrial Tracker


Large-scale, high precision tracking built for the long haul.

Inventory, heavy-duty assets, livestock… you name it. Abeeway’s Industrial Tracker will give you all the industrial visibility you need.

Geolocation Module


Comprehensive and cutting-edge. Infinity of possibilities

High performance and cost effective

Abeeway Geolocation module board

Level up your asset tracking and management with Abeeway.
Gain more clarity and less headaches.