Tracking and usage optimization of fixed or moving non-powered assets 

Track equipment usage and optimize your fleet with IoT

End the complexity of managing resources in huge batches on legacy systems. Abeeway helps you track & monitor asset allocation and movement with ease and accuracy. By enhancing asset utilization, you can better protect your investments and improve delivery performance. This way, you will have better control of your assets and have smoother operations.


Streamline your management processes

Abeeway’s Asset Management solution allows you to intelligently achieve a 360-degree view of your organization’s overall asset activities and gain insights to the full life cycle management of your assets. From being able to control machine activity periods, visualizing and optimizing fleet and asset movements within the supply chain ecosystem, Abeeway equips you with the right tools to make strategic decisions for your organization.

How It Works

Small, battery-powered Abeeway tracking devices with embedded LoRaWAN™ connectivity are securely mounted onto your moving assets, such as trucks, containers, parcels, boats, and more. Those devices collect real-time location and usage status, based on acceleration sensors, running for years without changing the battery. They also work both indoors and outdoors eliminating worries of losing connectivity. The data is then analyzed and transformed into actionable insights about assets’ usage, location, environment, and condition.  

Experience these benefits with
Abeeway Asset Management solution

1. Optimized asset usage and improved maintenance

Typically, businesses plan maintenance by either looking at existing regulations or by analyzing historical data, which are not necessarily the optimal reference data. With Abeeway, effectively anticipate maintenance and reduce downtime. Tracking-based asset management right-sizes the cost of maintenance, alerting organizations when – and only when – work is needed. Combine this with geolocation and optimize your maintenance planning, thus, decreasing maintenance and replacement costs. Our Asset Management solution allows you to detect idle assets, optimize and plan asset allocation, validate usage-based contracts, and introduce pay-per-use billing to your customers. Optimize machine usage through activity reporting on non-lease periods for equipment rental companies and boost fleet planning and management efficiency for logistics operators. 

Pinpoint Location in real-time

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Get up-to-the-minute information on the exact location of an asset, its ETA, journey, and motion history. We offer precise and power-efficient tracking across a range of environments by combining high-precision GPS, Low-power GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffing, and BLE.

Usage Activity Reporting

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Usage is tracked continuously with Abeeway devices, based on acceleration sensors, with notifications sent when threshold values are reached. This will help you understand the use-rate on your fleet, as well as over-use and non-usage.

Very long autonomy

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Abeeway’s trackers use a multi-technology system optimized for LoRaWAN™, allowing long-range connectivity with low power consumption, leading to extended battery life and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of devices.

Monitoring & Alerts

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Receive immediate alerts when unexpected events happen, like theft, delay, or re-routing, and make necessary adjustments to preserve assets. Our devices transmit details on the condition of goods, including temperature of goods and shock levels.

2. Time Efficiency, Tracking and Deployment Flexibility

Save time by eliminating manual tracking, improve check-in and check-out processes (internal distribution and dispatching), expedite auditing, and perform error-free reporting through automation. Provide more accurate data to your dispatchers for better customer service delivery. Avoid early or late fees, better calculate and effectively communicate each vehicle’s ETA – prior to departure and while in transit – and enhance customer satisfaction. Enjoy a reliable, versatile, and adaptable service that provides accurate, responsive location and easily integrates with third-party software. We provide you the location-based services you need, whether industrial or personal, ideally suited to a diversity of use cases.  

Configurable tracking on asset behavior

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Our devices operate with a flexible multi-mode tracking. Geo-fencing, motion detection, and other events-based behaviors trigger backend process actions, unlocking many other value-added scenarios, like route and distribution schedules optimization in real time.

Easy integration with third-party applications

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Seamlessly integrate and visualize data between tracked assets and enterprise software for business processes management. We securely transmit your data to any IoT connectivity platform via our easy-to-integrate APIs.

Wireless tracking in wide areas

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LoRaWAN™ technology’s long-range and low-power consumption qualities, deep indoor penetration enable monitoring over large geographic regions. This includes remote, harsh environments made possible with high network infrastructure reliability.

Tracking within a multi-site organization

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Our multi-geolocation system works both outdoors and indoors on public or privately operated LoRaWAN™ networks, enabling end-to-end dynamic tracking of goods and transport units between manufacturing plants, warehouses, and end customers.

3. Affordability, Scalability, and Assured ROI

Implement our easily deployable and scalable tracking system across your entire organization whether for department-level use case or Proof-of-Concept. Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and realize ideal returns on investment (ROI) with Abeeway’s fleet management solution. We designed our wireless technology to support long lifecycles to support new revenue models. As fleet operators, you can monitor driver performance, route management and vehicle maintenance, while complying with increasingly stringent environmental and safety regulations. Avoid the hidden cost of inventory management and eliminate the need to manually count your assets through automation.  

Plug & play

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Simply to install, our devices are quickly inserted into your processes, operations, and supply chain without the need for system integration. Our web-based trial software allows you to ensure that our solution addresses your needs.

Low Cost

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Low unit costs, inexpensive cost of connectivity, and strong battery life make Abeeway the most cost-effective asset tracking technology in the market. Enjoy additional savings as well with the customizability of our devices.

High scalability

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Abeeway provides you with a scalable solution which allows you to implement as many devices as you need - from trial to complete rollout. We can tailor the devices to your specific needs and use cases and provide you with support in your project.

Ensured ROI

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The extended battery life of Abeeway devices reduces downtime and operations complexity. Reduced administrative tasks and streamlined scheduling and routes save time, money, and other resources while ensuring on-time delivery.

Discover your industry use cases you can use our Asset Management solution

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Find assets before you lose
them with Abeeway Track and Trace devices

Achieve reliable, cost-efficient transparency of your assets with our innovative trackers

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Low-Power Location Trial Package 

Ready to take tracking to the next level? Give it a try!

This Proof-of-Concept package allows you to quickly test with technical support the smart tracking capabilities of the Abeeway devices combined with LoRaWAN connectivity from Actility, the LoRaWAN market leader. 

Looking for an IoT connectivity solution?

LoRaWAN™ offers you the flexibility in network deployment models. Industries have the choice to either use their own private LoRaWAN™ networks or to leverage existing public ones. Abeeway solutions works with all connectivity providers and fully runs on Actility’s ThingPark platform which powers private enterprise networks and most of the public LoRaWAN ™ networks in the world.