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Abeeway is working with leading companies in various industry verticals  to develop new solutions and address market needs. Our partners enrich their solutions with our location intelligence to solve customer pains efficiently and effectively. Transform your business by leveraging the IoT geolocation expertise and offers from Abeeway by becoming our reseller, distributor or a partner for joint solutions. 

Hardware Distributors and Resellers

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Technology & Applications Partners

Operator Partners

Hardware Distributors
and Resellers

We are renowned for our innovative, high-performance GPS tracking devices for the Internet of Things. Our Distributor and Reseller Partners have access to the world’s leading tracking and IoT technologies and unbeatable technical support. Become one of them and expand your business with us! 

Solution Providers

Are you looking for opportunities to do joint business with Abeeway? Do you want to embed Abeeway products and services into a solution? Then become one of our Solution Provider Partners! Together we build new solutions that transform the market and businesses. Come onboard with Abeeway!

Technology & Application Partners

When building innovative solutions, it’s  a win-win to do it with your Partners. By sharing our technological skills we enrich our solutions and create joint offers. Let’s tackle the traking needs together! 

Asset Management Dashboards with:

WMW is an adaptive registration dashboard with micro-modules for asset tracking and supply chain management. It takes inputs from Abeeway devices via APIs, processing and managing the data to facilitate your use cases.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Tracking with:

HERE Technologies provides the WiFi Fingerprinting technique leverage by Abeeway to create a seamless indoor-outdoor tracking system, with precision under 5m. The solution is used in warehouse management, supply chain, and people safety. 

BLE-based Indoor Tracking with:

LLC “RTLS” is a Russian company that delivers a zonal positioning system based on BLE beacons. Combined with Abeeway devices, it allows an efficient indoor tracking solution with 5-10m accuracy and low power consumption. 

Device and Asset Management with:

CommonSense IoT Platform is multi-connectivity, device management and codeless application generation platform. Associated with CommonSense geofencing and real time data processing tools, Abeeway devices enable tracking, inventory and incident management use cases.

Precise Indoor Tracking

NomoSense provides BLE-based beaconing system perfectly integrated with Abeeway tracking devices and LoRaWAN connectivity as a full solution for indoor tracking of assets, equipment, material and also people, allowing you to improve logistics, workflow and people’s safety.

Bluetooth-based Real Time Locating with:

Favendo’s own RTLS platform enables precise indoor positioning and navigation, proximity functions as well as asset and person tracking. The integration of Abeeway’s tracking devices and LoRaWAN connectivity guarantees full coverage indoor and outdoor.

Indoor-Outdoor tracking with:

Easily customizable to build your own applications, the INDUTRAX Application Environment and out-of-the-box industrial applications integrate seamlessly many different source systems such as Abeeway &Actility, enabling a wide range of use cases for indoors & outdoors.

Managed Indoor Positioning and Navigation

Penguinin offers a software-based, cloud-hosted indoor tracking solution with market leading accuracy and performance. It works with off-the-shelf tags and does not require proprietary hardware. Whether it is venue-wide presence or room-level accuracy, their machine learning algorithms ensure that clients get the best accuracy with cost efficiency to satisfy their use cases.

Quuppa interface

Precise Indoor-Outdoor Location Services

Quuppa’s Intelligent Locating System™ is a powerful engine for various location-based services and applications. It provides accurate and real-time positioning data for tracked Bluetooth® devices, by using advanced proprietary algorithms.

akenza is the self-service IoT platform that connects, controls, and manages IoT devices all in one place. It offers a straightforward solution to track and monitor assets across borders, from one device to thousands.

Operator Partners

National and local operators around the globe have deployed LoRaWAN networks to serve their country’s businesses and communities, providing them with valuable geolocation services and offers from Abeeway, leading to a common success. If you are a LoRaWAN operator, let’s work together! 

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