Industry use cases


Cattle and farm assets management and monitoring

Keep track of your cattle's location, monitor and protect farm assets with Abeeway

Abeeway give ranchers the capability to monitor their livestock much more closely and act faster in the event of an abnormality in behavior and location of their livestock, and better manage pasture utilization. Also, agricultural facilities have various assets that need surveillance: farm mobile assets and equipment are protected. With abeeway trackers, even beehives are getting anti-theft protection.

How does it work?

Cattle and farm assets thefts and accidents are very costly to the cattle farmer, while manual inspection of cattle location is a difficult and resource-consuming task, and due to irregular cellular coverage in remote agricultural areas, its difficult to use cellular-based gps trackers. Abeeway trackers, enabled with lorawan low-power connectivity, last for years and work everywhere. Placed on animals ear or a collar and on various farm equipment and vehicles, they provide location information in real-time, with geofencing and motion alerts are used to deter livestock et equipment thieves.


> Cattle tracking and theft detection

Abeeway allows you to prevent theft and recover lost cattle, improves livestock monitoring and management, thanks to an easy to deploy and cost-effective solution based on very low power LoRaWAN network requiring minimal investment. Geofencing is used to track whether cattle have strayed from a designated area, native LoRa TDoA geolocation also allows getting an approximate location of wild animals while highly increasing trackers battery life.

> Farm equipment tracking

Theft in the agricultural sector is a quickly growing issue, and farm equipment is a considerable investment for agricultural businesses: harvesters, tractors, trailers, sprayers, harrow beds, loaders, hedgers, balers, conveyers, swathers, etc. Loss can cause serious disruption to farming schedule, not to mention the cost of replacing the stolen property.

> Beehives tracking and theft protection

Abeeway battery-based sensors installed inside beehives enable beekeepers to remotely check the status of the hive and to know their location and prevent hive theft. Abeeway provides an easy to deploy, powerful and cost effective solution for asset tracking and location based on very low power LoRaWAN network requiring minimal investment, and high performance GPS based Abeeway tracking devices proving accurate geolocation and lasting years, with high reliability and ruggedness for the remote and often rough conditions of the agricultural field.

> Wild animals tracking and monitoring

Wild animals in natural reserves get equipped with Abeeway trackers for scientific or security purposes: to limit human interference, LoRaWAN-based triangulation technique allows authorities to locate them in huge areas without resorting to gps. LoRa TDoA geolocation allows getting an approximate location of wild animals while highly increasing trackers battery life, this way our trackers can provide real-time geolocation while lasting for years

Find assets before you lose
them with Abeeway Track and Trace devices

Achieve reliable, cost-efficient transparency of your assets with our innovative trackers

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Low-Power Location Trial Package 

Ready to take tracking to the next level? Give it a try!

This Proof-of-Concept package allows you to quickly test with technical support the smart tracking capabilities of the Abeeway devices combined with LoRaWAN connectivity from Actility, the LoRaWAN market leader. 

Looking for an IoT connectivity solution?

LoRaWAN™ offers you the flexibility in network deployment models. Industries have the choice to either use their own private LoRaWAN™ networks or to leverage existing public ones. Abeeway solutions works with all connectivity providers and fully runs on Actility’s ThingPark platform which powers private enterprise networks and most of the public LoRaWAN ™ networks in the world.