Visualize and configure your Abeeway trackers

Enjoy easy-to-use online tools to configure and monitor your Abeeway trackers in all use cases.

Abeeway trackers are the most flexible on the market and offer hundreds of parameters to fine-tune the firmware to your exact use case. Abeeway Device Manager (ADM) provides a set of configuration templates optimized for most common use cases, and a user interface to tune any other parameters. Downlink configuration commands are generated automatically. ADM is distributed as part of ThingPark Location subscription. 

Powerful configuration tools
and graphs for all parameters

Wondering how your battery level evolves over time? What is the LPWAN network quality where the trackers are deployed ? These, and many more parameter timeseries, are graphed in ADM Performance Monitor.

ADM is also useful for expert users, and provides many advanced functions:

  • Full uplink and downlink tracing and decoding
  • Monitoring of contact tracing activities, including cumulated exposure and contact duration
  • Monitoring of packet error rate (PER)
  • Monitoring of current geolocation method (GPS, LP-GPS, WiFi, BLE)
  • For indoor tracking, full BLE and WIFI SSID and RSSI information


Which LoRaWAN® networks can you use ?

ADM is implemented as a LoRaWAN Application Server and is already interfaced with the networks below. If you wish to use ADM in combination with a network that is not listed here, please CONTACT US!

ThingPark Community

Actility’s ThingPark Community provides you free access to the Actility professional ThingPark platform. Create an account online and enjoy!

Orange public LoRaWAN network

Orange is offering nationwide LoRaWAN coverage in France, powered by Actility’s ThingPark platform. More info here

Swisscom public LoRaWAN network

Swisscom is offering nationwide LoRaWAN coverage in Switzerland, powered by Actility’s ThingPark platform. More info here. 

Helium IoT network

Helium offers a decentralized, open-source IoT network based on public LoRaWAN®. Any public or private LoRaWAN® operator can now set up roaming with the Helium Network via Actility. More info here. 

KPN public LoRaWAN network

KPN is offering nationwide LoRaWAN coverage in the Netherlands, powered by Actility’s ThingPark platform. More info here. 

ThingPark Exchange Roaming Hub

Use any LoRaWAN network connected via ThingPark Exchange, the first LoRaWAN peering hub in history, connecting over 25 networks now. 

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