Large-scale, high-precision tracking that can stand the test of time.

Industrial Tracker

Solid and long-lasting, built for heavy-duty tracking.

The Abeeway Industrial Tracker is a highly versatile multi-mode tracker with a large battery and embedded sensors combining GPS, Low-power GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffer, BLE and LoRaWAN TDoA geolocation technologies, supporting accurate outdoor and indoor geolocation.

Best of all, we designed this tracker to resist harsh surroundings enabling you to perform seamless asset tracking and management in any industrial environment – whether it’s for heavy-duty assets, inventory or livestock, taking advantage of its extraordinary battery autonomy. 

Photo of Abeeway Industrial Tracker
Google play, Apple store, Azure certified

*Specific references only, see details in datasheet

A state-of-the-art tracker for your industry
tracking and asset management needs

  • Real-time tracking, status monitoring of heavy and light assets, vehicles, machines and equipment, outdoors or in indoor industrial facilities.
  • Activity monitoring based on motion for usage optimization, industrial control and asset management 
  • Livestock tracking in large farms
  • Optimization of supply chain and production, delivery and inventory tracking
  • Geofencing applications: receiving zone alerts when leaving/entering specific areas
  • Antitheft applications, notification and location trigger when device is moving, at fixed frequency updates or on demand

Ubiquitous geolocation,
minimal power consumption.

With Abeeway’s Industrial Tracker precise tracking abilities, find and monitor your assets no matter where they are, whether indoors or outdoors. Our intelligent tracker uses the ultra low-power LoRaWAN connectivity also adapts to the environment in choosing the best location technology to run on in its present situation, thereby, optimizing battery life. 

Longer battery life, lower costs.

Unlike other trackers that work on power-hungry cellular networks, the Industrial Tracker benefits from the power efficienct LoRaWAN connectivity. With a primary 19Ah type D battery, ithigh battery longevity lets it function for more than 10 years on sleep mode, and more than 5 years with one GPS position per hour.  Best of all, it doesn’t need a SIM card to work saving your budget from costly subscriptions. 

Robust, versatile, and precise.

The Industrial Tracker is your ideal connected device for heavy-duty tracking of assets such as equipment, transportation fleet, and livestock. With its IP65 casing, it is dust-proof and waterproof making it suitable for various industrial indoor and outdoor environments. It has embedded sensors for temperature, motion, and pressure and its firmware can also be upgraded through its micro-USB port inside the device.

Operational flexibility, adaptability,
and configurability.

The Industrial Tracker can monitor every movement of your assets and valuables in real-time and receive position alerts at the start, duration, and end of the motion, also when the device is entering or leaving defined zones – geofencing. With permanent tracking, you can also get live locations at regular intervals or when needed with fix on-demand. Finally, through its activity tracking ability, you can check activity rates provided by embedded motion sensor. The Industrial Tracker is certified by the LoRa Alliance and ready to be deployed worldwide: EU868, US915, AS923. 

Photo of Abeeway Industrial Tracker

Open a whole new world of possibilities in industrial tracking with

Abeeway Industrial Tracker

Discover where you can use the Abeeway Industrial Tracker:

Transportation & Logistics

Construction & Public works​

Airports, Ports & Harbors

Mines, Oil & Gas​

Warehouses & Indoor Facilities

Livestock & Farming

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