Abeeway LBEU5ZZ1WL Geolocation Module

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Geolocation Module

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The Abeeway  LBEU5ZZ1WL Geolocation   Module   is   a   multi-technology   fused   location  LPWAN  module  designed  as  the  ideal  platform  to  develop a  wide  range  of  IoT  battery-powered tracking  solutions,  minimizing  the  Total  Cost  of  Ownership  (TCO)  of  IoT  geolocation  use  cases. It is s co-developed and manufactured by Murata, and integrates leading-edge technology from Semtech and STMicroelectronics. 

This LoRaWAN fused location module contains  a   high-performance   multi-constellation  GNSS  receiver  (GPS,  GLONASS,  Beidou,  and Galileo) and supports a patented ultra- Low – Power GPS  (LP  GPS)  modeI, allowing your  engineering  to  focus  on  the  use  case,  to  optimize  time-to-market  and  cost  by  using  less  complex  PCBs  (all  high-density  devices  being  encapsulated), to reduce certification risk and budget, as well as testing time and cost for mass production.

We also invite you to watch the recent Murata Webinar having a hands-on session about the Module and its features: 

High performance and cost effective

  • Indoor  &  Outdoor  Asset  location:  shared  scooters  tracking,  parking  policy  enforcement,  theft  protection,  tool  monitoring on construction sites, cable drum monitoring, supply chain monitoring, cattle tracking and more.
  • Indoor & Outdoor safety & productivity solutions: visitor tracking, guard tour monitoring, monitored evacuation, social distancing policies, and so on.
  • Consumer Tracking Applications: pet / child / elderly safety and protection. Keep-together bubble for schools and theme parks.

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Airports, Ports & Harbors

Mines, Oil & Gas​

Warehouses & Indoor Facilities

Livestock & Farming

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