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Smart Badge

Sleek, smart,
made for people.

The Abeeway Smart Badge is a portable multi-mode tracker in ID card format with embedded sensors combining GPS, Low-power GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffer, BLE and LoRaWAN TDoA geolocation technologies, supporting accurate and continious outdoor and indoor geolocation. 

This device is ideal for tracking, zone notification and monitoring of workforce safety and security. Simple to use, a single button gives you access to the numerous functionalities you may personalize for your needs, e.g. as a Panic/SOS Button. A local zoning feature is able to signal danger zones with a 80db buzzer. 

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Google play, Apple store, Azure certified

*Specific references only, see details in datasheet

A state-of-the-art tracker
for workforce safety monitoring

  • Personal multi-mode tracking: employees, workers, visitors
  • SOS panic alarm for indoor and outdoor lone workers
  • Danger zones or restricted areas access notifications
  • Automated attendance monitoring and zoning
  • Safety evacuation monitoring
  • Location heatmaps, e.g. for optimization of supervisor/worker ratio in large construction or industrial sites. 

Ubiquitous geolocation,
minimal power consumption.

Always know the location of your mobile workers and personnel to reduce risks and injuries! With Abeeway’s Smart Badge precise tracking abilities, locate your workers and employees no matter where they are, whether indoors or outdoors. Our intelligent tracker uses the ultra low-power LoRaWAN connectivity, and also adapts to the environment in choosing the best location technology to run on in its present situation, thereby, optimizing battery life.

Longer battery life, lower costs.

Unlike other trackers that work on power-hungry cellular networks, our Smart Badge benefits from the power efficient LoRaWAN connectivity. With a rechargeable 850 mAh battery, its high battery longevity lets it function for more than a year on a single charge, and 90 days with 60 outdoor/indoor positions per day.  Best of all, it doesn’t need a SIM card to work saving your budget from costly subscriptions. 

Light, handy, and multi-purpose.

Compact card form ideal for personal usage: can be neck-worn with a lanyard, attached to cloths, or easily fit in a pocket. The Smart Badge may be light, but it showcases a multitude of functionalities with its user interface: the buzzer with 80dB high volume, multi-usage SOS button, and micro USB connector for charging. Housed in an IP65 water-resistant casing, it has embedded sensors for temperature, motion, and pressure. 

Operational flexibility, adaptability,
and configurability.

The Smart Badge can monitor motion in real-time and receive position alerts at the start, duration, and end of the motion, also when the device is entering or leaving defined zones – geofencing. With permanent tracking, you can also get live locations at regular intervals or when needed with fix on-demand.  The Smart Badge is certified by the LoRa Alliance and ready to be deployed worldwide: EU868, US915, AS923.

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Improve safety and security of your workforce

Abeeway Smart Badge

Discover where you can use the Abeeway Smart Badge:

Transportation & Logistics

Construction & Public works​

Airports, Ports & Harbors

Mines, Oil & Gas​

Warehouses & Indoor Facilities

Livestock & Farming

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