Specialist Distributor Saelig Launches Abeeway Location Tracking Sensors to USA market

Fairport, NY   Specialist distributor Saelig Co. Inc. announces its new partnership with leading IoT tracking solutions provider, Abeeway.  The agreement sees Saelig becoming the USA distribution center for Abeeway products which complement Saelig’s other LoRa and RF offerings.  Abeeway offers a complete, high performing, power-efficient, and low cost tracking technology – a flexible IoT multi-technology geolocation solution optimized for LoRaWAN™. With advanced location-solving algorithms, the Abeeway platform and trackers bring a geolocation intelligence fit for existing and new use situations. Abeeway’s high quality of service, extended battery life, and intelligently-configured multimodal operation gives reliability and versatility. Abeeway devices combine cutting-edge location technologies, robust hardware, meticulous selection of highest performing low-power chipsets and a no-compromise optimized software. This allows flexible application, highly responsive to changing needs, and guaranteeing asset and people location in various coverage scenarios.  High-quality hardware houses multiple embedded geolocation technologies such as GPS, Low Power GPS, Wifi Sniffing, and Bluetooth Low Energy. Abeeway trackers are small, light, and highly resistant to harsh environments (ATEX certified​).

Alan Lowne, Saelig’s CEO, says: “Through their use of multiple geolocation technologies with LoRaWAN connectivity, Abeeway trackers can be used both indoor and outdoor to track and monitor assets such as trucks, containers, parcels, people and more with ease and accuracy. We are thrilled to have become the official USA distributor for Abeeway. We are constantly searching for the best solutions to meet our customers’ requirements and Abeeway certainly leads in the field of geolocation tracking. Paired with our expert technical support, we look forward to growing Abeeway throughout North America.”

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Photo of Nicolas Jordan

Nicolas Jordan, CEO of Abeeway commented, “Abeeway is very pleased to partner with Saelig, which is well-known for bringing unique and novel industrial electronics products to the American marketplace. As tracking and logistics becomes one of the key verticals for IoT adoption, Abeeway will leverage its expertise in its multi-technology based, power efficient geolocation products, and will be happily supporting Saelig in addressing this huge market.”

About Saelig:  Saelig Co. Inc. is a leading distributor of industrial test and measurement products. Now adding Abeeway to its portfolio of RF test products, Saelig provides easy access to the best in class hardware, service, and support to customers throughout North America. Saelig’s vision is to provide solutions that ideally match users’ needs, with support from our expert technical team.

About Abeeway:  Abeeway was formed in 2014 in Meylan, near Grenoble. It arose from the birth of LoRa, a wireless data communication technology developed by Cycleo, a Grenoble-based company acquired by Semtech in 2012. Abeeway is the market leader in low-power geolocation and a provider of disruptive IoT tracking solutions worldwide. Abeeway offers the most energy-efficient, reliable and flexible geolocation solutions using unique tracking devices and a smart multi-technology location system optimized for long-range and low-power-consumption LoRaWAN™