Locating Assets and Protecting Loved Ones with Abeeway Trackers

Keep your personal assets and precious people safe with our range of innovative LoRaWAN tracking devices.

Abeeway’s geolocation trackers are valuable tools to trace the whereabouts of personal assets and ensure that your loved ones are safe.

Our energy-efficient Internet of Things (IoT) trackers integrate multiple technologies to accurately trace items both indoors and outdoors seamlessly with a customizable mobile application.

The majority of personal tracking solutions on the market use low-energy Bluetooth (BLE), which is dependent on user proximity, so it is not suited to long-range localization.

In addition, many of the GPS or cellular tracking solutions on the market currently can be expensive and need frequent battery changes or recharging.

Thankfully, Abeeway offers a unique one-stop-shop for all your personal assets and people tracking needs.

Our cutting edge devices are LoRaWAN compatible, delivering high-accuracy tracking solutions with extended battery life.

Features like motion sensing or fix on-demand functionality are built-in to Abeeway trackers to offer better protection against theft or loss.

Additionally, our devices include panic features that allow loved ones or someone who finds a lost asset to instantly alert you of their whereabouts via the connected mobile application.

Bike Tracking

Abeeway’s IoT tracking solutions are the only devices on the market that are compact and offer full tracking functionality regardless of environment or distance.

The Micro Tracker is small enough to easily attach to a bike or be stored in a motorbike, offering a greater degree of theft prevention.

Because the technology doesn’t rely on cellular localization signals, there is no need for SIM cards or power-hungry GPS positional data to locate your valuable bike from an unlimited distance.

Car Tracking

Car theft is a constant threat, especially if you live in a busy urban area without off-street parking. Our innovative tracking technology allows you to get live updates on the whereabouts of your vehicle, and to protect it everywhere, anytime.

LoRaWAN connectivity means you can leave a tracker in your car and forget about it for up to a year on a single charge, and multi-technology localization signals allow for highly accurate asset tracking regardless of whether your vehicle is in a dense, built-up environment or the open road.

Pet Tracking

Our tracking solutions have a small form factor without compromising on functionality. You can even securely mount a tracker to your pet’s collar, giving you peace of mind whenever they go roaming.

The customizability of our dedicated B2C app means you can set up personalized zones. For example, if your pet leaves or re-enters a safe zone, the app notifies you, so you can quickly retrieve your animal companion should they stray outside of it.

Our smallest localization device weighs only 21 grams and its small form factor allows the Micro Tracker to be attached to a collar without causing discomfort to your pet.

It’s lightweight and discreet, so your pet won’t even notice it and can play to its heart’s content. You can rest safe in the knowledge that your precious pet is safe and happy.