Tracking of personal goods, people and pets

Use low-power IoT geolocation to track personal valuables and ensure that your goods, family, and pets are safe!​

Abeeway offers an off-the-shelf custom-branded tracking service solutionusing our small and high-performing tracking devices, a customizable B2C mobile application, and our multi-technology geolocation platform. All existing solutions on the market are very limited as most consumer-oriented tracking devices on the market are BLE-based and only work within user proximityAdditionally, devices using GPS and cellular network are expensive and have very limited battery lifeThey are also bulky and heavy, making them unadaptable to most consumer use cases. Abeeway is the only provider of devices that are small enough and that work anytime anywhereBest of all, users can enjoy extended battery lifetime for unlimited use cases. 

How does it work?

With Abeeway solution, it’s easy to always know where your stuff is. You can place our LoRaWAN-connected smart tracking devices in anything you need to track and protect – be it cars, motorbikes, bikes, keychains, luggage, or handbags. You can also use the device on elders, children, and other family members to monitor their safety. Or you can securely mount it on your pet’s collar and not worry about it getting lost. 

Easily know the tracker’s position using the dedicated mobile app even if it’s far away unlike Bluetooth-based trackers. Finally, set custom safe zones and receive notifications once an item (or a loved one) leaves or enters those areas. Best of all, there is no requirement for a SIM card and unlimited distance! 


Photo of Abeeway Micro Tracker

Abeeway Micro Tracker

Small and high-performing tracking device with embedded LoRaWAN ™ connectivity and very long autonomy, up to 1 year.


B2C Mobile Application

User-friendly mobile app enabling multi-purpose personal tracking. Designed for white labeling, it’s easily customizable to fit any brand identity and tracking service requirements.

Geolocation Platform

Modular Location Engine for  processing, analyzing and managing sensor data associated with the geolocation information, storing the data on a highly secure server. 

Here’s what you can do with the Abeeway Personal Tracking Solution

  • Quickly geolocate all your valuables anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors 
  • Get alerts when the tracker is moving and trace it on the map to prevent a theft 
  • Receive notifications when the tracker enters or leaves a specific area 
  • Trigger a sound alert from the tracker to find it nearby
  • Easily switch between different tracking modes to fit your usage behavior 

Discover your industry use cases you can use our Asset Management solution

Transportation & Logistics

Construction & Public works​

Airports, Ports & Harbors

Mines, Oil & Gas​

Warehouses & Indoor Facilities

Livestock & Farming

Find assets before you lose
them with Abeeway Track and Trace devices

Achieve reliable, cost-efficient transparency of your assets with our innovative trackers

Photo of Abeeway Micro Tracker

Micro Tracker

Photo of Abeeway Industrial Tracker

Industrial Tracker

Compact Tracker

Mini 500x500

Smart Badge


Low-Power Location Trial Package 

Ready to take tracking to the next level? Give it a try!

This Proof-of-Concept package allows you to quickly test with technical support the smart tracking capabilities of the Abeeway devices combined with LoRaWAN connectivity from Actility, the LoRaWAN market leader. 

Looking for an IoT connectivity solution?

LoRaWAN™ offers you the flexibility in network deployment models. Industries have the choice to either use their own private LoRaWAN™ networks or to leverage existing public ones. Abeeway solutions works with all connectivity providers and fully runs on Actility’s ThingPark platform which powers private enterprise networks and most of the public LoRaWAN ™ networks in the world.

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