The geolocation system specialist that boasts impressive battery autonomy. 


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The Abeeway Technology...

Abeeway's new technology marks the end of clumsy geolocation gadgets that constantly need to be charged.


Our new creation takes you out of these limits and allows you to make full use – and better enjoy – your geolocation device


- Up to 1 year of battery autonomy

- Small and handy size (starts at 6cm / 2,4in)



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... brings together different functions

To provide you with customized solutions, we imagine and put together all the functions you need:

  • On-demand geolocation
  • Daily updates
  • Movement alerts
  • Notification in case of exit from boundary
  • Device paging as needed
  • Light up the device
  • And much more...

Geolocate, manage information flow, enhance usage, protect what's important to you...

infinite solutions

You need...

… incorporate into your activities a current product

made with Abeeway technology

… integrate Abeeway technology

into your products to meet your needs 

Let's create all the possibilities together, contact us here.


Geo-locate objects

Each business sector has its own geolocation needs

Your industry isn't featured? Innovate and make it happen !

We can offer your business its geolocation needs.


"Abeeway understands that your professional needs and expectations are different from your everyday ones.

We recognize that each activity has its own specific nature.

That's why we aim to work with you to develop the right productwith the right interface,

customized to your business sector."

The Abeeway Team

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To learn about the endless possibilities ! 

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